Human Movement Tracking (GPS)

Human Movement Tracking with GPS

Through the most efficient method of tracking people’s movements, we use the GPS of the mobile device and achieve high-precision tracking.

It is possible to record the entire route that a person can take, on the map with details.

The most frequent cases where the tracking of a person’s movements is used are:

  • Family cases

    Necessary in cases where elderly members of the family suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s and there is a fear of extinction.

  • Corporate cases

    When a partner of yours is not trustworthy and you want to protect the interest of your business.

  • Juvenile Affairs

    We know the importance of protecting your child from bad influences. We help you with the easiest and safest solution.

εντοπισμός κινήσεων ατόμου μέσω του GPS του κινητού

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