Mobile Tracking

Mobile Device Tracking

Our agency guarantees 100% success and absolute discretion in the mobile tracking service it offers.

Through monitoring we can extract all data from a mobile, such as calls, messages, emails as well as all files. Also, there is the ability to track the location of the device in real time.

Who chooses mobile tracking:

  • Parents of Minors
  • Corporate owners
Holding a mobile phone in the dark

Necessary conditions of mobile tracking

  • The responsible guardian of a minor child fears that their child is in danger and wants to keep the kid safe.
  • When granting company mobile phones to employees on behalf of the employer
    and only when the employer has informed the employees accordingly and received their approval.
  • When the person whose mobile is beeing tracked, belongs in the vulnerable social groups by age and its administration is deemed necessary. In this case, the legal and written agreement of his relatives is deemed necessary.
  • Since it enhances the chances of locating or saving the life of a missing elderly person suffering from dementia.

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